What are the Team / Indy Camp Schedules?

The camp schedules will be posted and available at check-in.

Where is registration located?

Youth Camp registration is located at the outdoor grass practice fields (1500 University Dr N). Team Camp registration will be in the dorms. Individual Camp registration will be in the main lobby of the FargoDome (1800 University Dr N).

What’s the difference between a Resident and Commuter camper?

Resident Camper is a person who elects to stay on campus in the NDSU dorms.

Commuter is a person who elects not to stay in the NDSU Dorms.

Are these contact camps?

Individual Camps are Restricted Contact (contact above the hips with hands, shoulders, and chest. Players will stay on their feet) and Thud (Contact remains above the waist, drill is run at assigned speed through the moment of contact) - Team Camp will be Restricted Contact, Thud, and Live Action (drill or scrimmage in game-like conditions and only time players MAY BE taken to the ground - at camp we use a quick whistle). Team Camp is half and full padded camp - in compliance with MSHSL regulations for 2017.

How do I register?

Youth Camp (online or mail in), Team Camp (through high school head coach) and Individual Camp (online or mail in registration - capped at 850).